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Over fifty percent of Us americans haven’t ever had a One-Night stay

Olympic sportsman and heartthrob Ryan Lochte happens to be quoted saying he’s never had a one-night stand (whilst everyone was hot and heavy on Tinder in Olympic Village). And then he’s one of many. Many Us americans – 53percent – claim they’ve never had a one-night stand.

A new study by Dating information unearthed that although many Americans haven’t participated in this kind of casual sexual encounter, men happened to be more likely to have participated than women. Sixty-four % of women stated they have never really had a one-nighter in comparison to only 41% of men in Lochte’s camp, which means that conventional sex functions when considering sex are at play in US culture.

Era was actually an issue from inside the learn. People in the us aged 18 to 24 had a 25 % larger chances of claiming they would never really had a one-night stand than others elderly 25 to 34. This distinction makes sense, as there can be even more existence experience or possibilities for casual experiences as you get more mature and break away from your university commitment, opting rather for organizations and taverns with other singles.

Needless to say, those people who are married are also least likely to have acquired a one-night stand, with 56per cent claiming they had never ever. In contrast, only 41% of divorcees have-not had one-night really stands, when compared to 50percent of singles who’ve never been married.

There appears to be a distinction between right and homosexual Americans, with merely 32% of gay men and women claiming they would never had a one-night stand when compared with 54percent of straight individuals. As for battle, 45percent of African People in america and 47percent of Latinos have actually accepted to prevent having a one-night stand versus 74percent of Asians.

It appears there isn’t much huge difference among earnings earners, approximately alike percentage of people earning not as much as $25,000 per year saying they will have never really had a one-night stand versus those getting $125,000 or even more at 56per cent and 55percent correspondingly. However, those earning in median cover anything from $75,000-$99,000 had been the most likely to own had a one-night stand, with just 49% claiming they’dn’t.

Needlessly to say, the Southern and Midwest tend to be more traditional, with 54percent of the residents claiming they would never had a one-night stand when compared to Northeast at 50percent together with West at 51%.

The research surveyed 1,080 respondents over the course of three months, balancing responses by get older, sex, earnings, competition, sexuality and other aspects being correctly express the U.S. population.

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